Thursday, July 15, 2010

Goodbye Cape Coast

Today is my last day in Cape Coast. I am sitting at an internet cafe and there is a truck parked outside that's playing Three Blind Mice. Huh. Of course I waited until my last day here to get sick... I had to miss work this morning (schools don't generally have bathrooms in them, so I didn't think going would be the best idea for me today haha), but I think I'll be fine for the trip home. I got almost everything done that I wanted to here. We did manage to squeeze in baking cookies (two batches were gone within a couple of hours, and I only ate 1!) and swimming last weekend. There are a few places in Ghana that I didn't have a chance to go, so I guess I'll have to come back some time. Mainly I'd like to go North to see elephants... I've heard it's amazing! And I managed to squeeze in like 10 more schools in the last couple of weeks even though I missed work today, so it has been productive! I haven't really missed TV, and I didn't even mind the bucket showers, but I am really excited to sleep in my own bed without any roosters or morning announcements from the mosque down the hill waking me up :). I thought I would learn to sleep through it, but I didn't. I was planning on shadowing a pediatrician here this week, but the hospital was going to charge 200 cedi...ridiculous! I have two more schools in the morning, and then I'm riding to Accra with the study abroad advisor from Mizzou and staying the night someplace near the airport. Hopefully check-in won't be too horrible...the airport employees have been known to be more concerned about getting a nap in than getting people on the plane. And I'm hoping that the drum won't be too much of an ordeal. Two other volunteers managed to get them on a plane, so it should be OK. Oh Ghana...

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