Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Countdown Begins...

Today is the 7th, which means that I will be back in the good 'ole U.S.A. in 10 days. Things that I'm excited for: not having to haul a bucket of water to the bathroom every time I need to flush the toilet, not waking up before the sun every morning, going to Worlds of Fun with Julie and Matt (maybe?), leaving all of the giant mosquitoes and flies, air conditioning, eating whole grains and vegetables, seeing my wonderful family and friends. Things that I'm not excited for: having to put on makeup and shave my legs, leaving the ocean, leaving my new friends and host fam, paying more than fifty cents to get pretty much anywhere, having to move as soon as I get home, and jetlag. I will say that I'm excited to use a washer and dryer again. I hand-washed all of my clothes in China, but I don't remember them smelling this bad. Ha. I washed all of the clothes I brought with me on Monday. It took me over an hour. I mean, I really scrubbed. And rinsed. And rang them out (for all of you know how meticulous I am with my clothes since I don't even dry most of them, you'll know that it is a stretch for me to be wringing them out). It was intense. And the STILL don't smell good. I have just been spraying Downy wrinkle release on them before I hang them up, hoping that it will make me smell better. I don't think it's working. So, for those of you who will see me before I get home to wash all of my clothes and take a shower that is not from a bucket (Julie, that would be you), I apologize in advance for the smell!


  1. Bubba is also counting the days, He text me the other day with days & hrs, I called him, & ask what that was, reply, until you landed back in the good old U S A !!!!!!!!!!!!!!HA!!! Be safe!!!!

  2. Will do! Mom has been counting the days since I left haha.