Wednesday, June 9, 2010


It was raining all morning in Cape Coast today, and it's like the town shut down. Traffic wasn't even that bad on the way to my project (I generally can't even find a taxi that wants to take me there unless I make them go the back way...). The driver told me that he thought people here are lazy cause they all stay home when it rains :). He said he always works since his wife passed away and he has three kids to support... so sad! I keep having to tell myself that I can't help everyone and that development work will make more of a difference than charity. I took his number in case I needed a taxi in the future (it's generally a good idea to get a couple numbers of reliable cab drivers in case you get stuck somewhere). Anyway, we only got to go to one of the schools that we had planned on speaking at today cause so few students showed up at one school that the rest were sent home for the afternoon. We did get to speak to 8 classes at the first school, though, so it was still a busy day! The students were great! They loved the activities that we had planned and listened really well. The younger students were harder to communicate with since they don't understand as much English, so our Ghanaian project members had to do most of the speaking then. They all had such great questions (i.e. "Can you get sick from sharing a drink?" "Can you get HIV from mosquitoes?"). I am impressed by their level of maturity and am looking forward to working with more students in the next few weeks!

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