Friday, June 18, 2010

Jesus is Lord Fabric Shop

Ghanaians love Jesus, and the names of all of the businesses definitely reflect it. On the way to my house, I pass "God is Good Pharmacy", "Jesus is Lord Bookshop", and the "Love God Everything Store". My personal favorite so far is "Holy Wood Movies", although I'm pretty sure that was a mistake (and they probably sell porn). They also all ask me if I'm Catholic or Methodist, because those are the two main denominations. My friend Yen made the mistake of telling our N.G.O. that she doesn't attend church in the U.S... he invites her every day now :).There is really no sense of being politically correct here, either. All of the kids ask Yen if she is "a Chinese" and they regularly call my director "the fat one". They call all white people obroni and expect us to call them obibini (black person). It's so great, though, because they don't mean any of it offensively... there is not really racism here.

This morning Yen and I had a planning meeting with Nicholas and laid out the rest of our time here. I also have been trying to plan for the next group so it's not so disorganized. Kirsty (our program director) asked me if I needed a job this morning lol. If I didn't have to go to med school, I would definitely stay and work with her! Last night we went to Abanze for dinner. The scenery was great...we were right by the ocean. The food was also amazing. Who knew that a Scottish woman in Ghana could cook amazing Chinese food? We also took some wine with us, which was a nice treat. We are all going back tomorrow night to spend the night in the tiki huts (with running water!!! so excited!). We have a mini project building a school in the morning, but I'm hoping to sleep past 5 a.m. on Sunday! 


  1. bahahahaha holy wood movies. oh wait. maybe they were trying to spell "hollywood movies" I remember on the Galapagos Islands, there was a sign that said a store sold "Ice Scream and Sun Scream" it was awesome.

    don't stay in ghana! i miss you too much!

  2. Haha don't worry... I don't think I could handle the lack of organization here for more than 4 more weeks!